The Spirit of the Staircase

June 2015

The Spirit of the Staircase
Opening: Friday 26 June
Saturday 27 June – Saturday 1 August
The Sunday Painter

The Spirit of the Staircase presents new work by artists Beth Collar, Danilo Correale, Andrew Gillespie, James Parkinson, Sue Tompkins and Marie Toseland. The work circles various processes of translation from a range of linguistic, material and bodily positions.

When translated, information, whether within a digital file, an ancient artefact or a nuanced linguistic phrase, is lost and new material and meanings are formed. I am interested in the time – whether seconds or centuries – that something is in translation. As cultural artefacts travel they are put through a state of transposition, accumulating different readings through time and context.

Through the development of this show we have spoken about the translation of language and symbols, the transposition of text to voice and back again, the interpretation of archaeological records and topological strata, the systems of coding in international finance and business and how new ideas and materials might be formed from replicating existing artefacts and reworking substances.